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How to change your domain name in WordPress

Changing your domain name in WordPress should be an easy task, but for some reason it’s not. All of the site’s assets are and links are hardcoded in the database to the old domain name. You can easily update the domain name by running a few SQL scripts (I recommend making a backup of your… Read More »

Converting a WordPress site from http to https (ssl)

Starting with Chrome 62 (coming out in October 2017), pages that contain input fields will display as Not Secure in Google Chrome. Eventually Chrome plans to label all sites that are not https as Not Secure so this is the perfect time to make the switch. There are other reasons to enable https – it’s… Read More »

Solving slow curl and wget calls in CentOS

I recently ran into an issue with very slow curl and wget calls. After diagnosing for a while I realized that it had something to do with resolving DNS. My nameserver entries were set as and so I didn’t think the name servers were the problem. After a lot of trial an error… Read More »